Finding a job shouldn't be a full-time job.

JobStep gets you 5 interviews in 6 weeks

by finding & applying to great jobs for you.

“In 3 weeks during COVID, JobStep got me an interview with a job that I would have never thought to apply to, and it was at my dream employer.


In comparison, last time I looked for a job in 2016, I applied to 100s of jobs over 6 months. I got one interview. This was so much easier.” ~Sam M., Houston, TX.

Step 1:

Meet your personal job coach

Tell your JobStep coach about your work experience and what you’re interested in.

Get personalized tips on how to ace your interviews & get a recruiter-smart resume.


Step 2:

JobStep applies for you

Every 2 days, JobStep will email you a custom list of better-paying, high-fit jobs.

Select the jobs you’re interested in,

and we’ll apply for you.


Step 3:

JobStep guarantees you’ll get 5 interviews in 6 weeks.

We customize your resume & submit applications using recruiter-approved practices.

As a result, we guarantee that you’ll get 5 interviews to jobs you want in 6 weeks, or your money back.


“Before JobStep, I had a lot of trouble finding real jobs — I would apply to administrative roles, only to find they were fake or for insurance sales roles.


You guys actually found jobs at real companies. And you helped me to see how much I’d actually accomplished in my previous roles and how I’d be a fit for these jobs.”
~ Sean O., Queens, NY

JobStep evens the playing field.

Without a large professional network, the average job seeker will have to apply to 20 jobs or more just to get 1 interview.

We save you time, stress, and anxiety by applying for you and guaranteeing that you get 5 interviews, even if you don’t know a lot of people.

“JobStep actually got me interviews in customer success and sales! And they were good interviews at good companies.” ~ Kevin A., New Jersey

Save time. Start Interviewing. Straightforward Pricing.

  • $350 for onboarding with your coach, a professional resume, and 5 interviews. Guaranteed.

  • If we don’t get you 5 interviews to jobs you want within 6 weeks, we’ll refund you $30 for each unfulfilled interview.

  • If we don’t get you any interviews, we’ll refund you the full $350.

Apply to JobStep & Start Interviewing

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“The most valuable part was that JobStep customized my resume for me. I didn’t have to slog through a boat load of application that take a lot of time. JobStep saved me a ton of time.” ~ Luke S., Boston, MA