Demonstrating your program’s success should be as easy as tossing a graduation cap.

JobStep maximizes your students’ job choices and gives you the outcome tracking you need.

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How JobStep Works With Colleges

Step 1

Students upload resume & share job interests

It takes students just a few minutes to give JobStep guidance on what kinds of jobs they’re interested in.

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Step 2

JobStep finds jobs & applies for your students

JobStep scours the web for similar jobs then curates a list of the best-fitting jobs. Students mark which jobs they’re interested in. JobStep applies to all the jobs that students are interested in.

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Step 3

Know where and when your students land interviews and offers

Colleges and students have real-time access to all data related to the job search, from applications submitted to interview invitations to offer details with compensation.

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JobStep is the fastest way to get your students a great job

Students spend time preparing for interviews instead of applying to jobs.

Program duration

3 months

New job listings to review

20+ jobs/week

Student time saved

10-20 hours per week

We empower your students to start their dream careers

JobStep helped jobseekers land offers at:

JobStep Has the Career Tracking Insights You’ve Always Needed

Career Outcomes Tracking

JobStep’s platform enables colleges to track applications, interviews, and offers for every student or alum.

Institution-Specific Career Pathing Data

After the first year of applications with a college, JobStep generates institution-specific career pathing data. This allows colleges to better support their students’ career dreams and shows students which experiences lead to certain job offers.

JobStep helps students break into growing careers

Here are just some of the roles our job seekers have won:

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