Finding a job shouldn’t be a full-time job

JobStep gets you 5 interviews in 6 weeks by finding and applying to jobs that are great for you.

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How JobStep Works


Meet your JobStep Coach & get a new resume

Tell your JobStep Coach about your work experience and what interests you. Your Coach will provide personalized tips on how to ace your interview and write you a recruiter-optimized resume.

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JobStep applies for you

Every 3 days, JobStep will email you a custom list of better-paying, high-fit jobs. Select the jobs you’re interested in, and we’ll apply for you.

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JobStep guarantees you’ll get 5 interviews in 6 weeks

With the recruiter-optimized resume we create for you and highly-targeted applications, we get results. We guarantee that you’ll get at least 5 interviews to jobs you want in 6 weeks, or your money back.

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JobStep is the fastest way to get a better job


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We empower our customers to start their dream careers

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JobStep evens the playing field

Without an inside connection, the average job seeker will have to apply to 26 jobs or more to get 1 interview.

We save you time, stress, and anxiety by applying for you and guaranteeing that you get at least 5 interviews.

JobStep helps you break into growing careers

Here are the roles we support:

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We focus on your success

  • If we don't get you 5 interviews in 6 weeks for jobs you want, we'll refund you $30 for each unfulfilled interview.
  • If we don’t get you any interviews, we’ll refund you the full $399.
  • You keep the resume, the cover letter, the list of jobs we find for you, and all of our interview resources, no matter what.