$10,000+ Reasons to Pivot to the Tech Industry

Did you know for the same skill, you can make $10K-$20K in increased salary when switching from your current job to positions within other industries? For hourly wages, that boost in income equates to about $10 more per hour.  

Why? Some industries value certain skills more and also have a lot more room for growth. This is especially true within the tech industry. 

You already put in the work and obtained the skills; you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve for your unique skill set. The list below contains examples of easy ways to increase the value of your skills, as well as which ones have the most value in tech:

  • Improve your data entry skills with SQL: This is one of the most straightforward coding languages to learn, and the steps to acquire a basic certification are relatively simple. What’s great about writing SQL is that it uses a lot of everyday English to pull data from large databases. We recommend the ModeAnalytics SQLSchool and W3school as a great place to start learning.   

    The investment can pay off in the long run. A basic SQL certification, offered through a variety of online courses, can increase your salary from a $35K customer service role to a $50K customer support role.


  • Ability to easily learn new software: The less your employer thinks they have to teach you, the sooner they can trust you with more challenging tasks and therefore pay you more money. The best way to prove this ability is to track and add examples (to your resume) of software you learned on the job.

    For example: “Learned Mailchimp within 2 days and built email automation, speeding up daily marketing operations by 10%.”


  • Professionalism and ability to build strong relationships: You will likely work within a variety of environments with differing individuals in the tech field. These can vary from everyday customers all the way to CEOs and executive leadership. By demonstrating your ability to establish strong business relationships on your own without coaching, you can achieve greater responsibility and ultimately higher pay. 


The thought of researching new jobs let alone other industries can feel overwhelming. We started JobStep because we knew how difficult it is to unpack which of your skills are the most valuable and which companies will pay the most for it. In your next job search, whether with us or on your own, you should consider expanding your search to new industries and jobs that may complement your transferable skills. 

For more information about JobStep and how we can help align your skills with the appropriate industry, visit here.