We're on a mission to make it easier
to get into good jobs

Our founders, Eleanor and Nikhil were frustrated by how hard it is to get a job. Recruiting is slow, it reduces people to words on a page, and it rewards connections over skills. We launched JobStep to give jobseekers the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the future of work, and ultimately pave the way for fairer and more human hiring practices.
Eleanor Meegoda, Co-Founder & CEO
Eleanor Meegoda
Co-founder & CEO
Nikhil Deshmukh, CTO & Co-Founder
Nikhil Deshmukh,
Co-founder & CTO

Meet our Job Coaches

Ty Raia, Job Coach

“I became a coach at Jobstep because I believe in the mission. Too often job seekers have the deck stacked against them and Jobstep is revolutionary in leveling that playing field. With 10+ years in Customer Success I consider it a privilege to share my knowledge and experience to help others find their success.”


Alexa Rivadeneira JobStep Job Coach
Alexa Rivadeneira, Job Coach

I feel so fortunate to have found a job and company that aligns with my values and is a place where professional growth is important. As a result, I am passionate about helping find career opportunities that align with their values and gives them the same satisfaction I’ve had for the last 7 years.

Max Polec - JobStep Coach
Max Polec, Job Coach
“I joined JobStep because I firmly believe in our mission to make it easier to get into good jobs. Finding a job is a full-time job and I am passionate about supporting job seekers as they navigate the next step in their career journey.”
Kristen Nozaki, JobStep Coach
Kristen Nozaki, Job Coach

“With 8+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources, I’ve had the amazing opportunity in placing hundreds of candidates at their dream jobs in both Entertainment and Tech. I am excited to partner with job seekers through JobStep to unlock their professional potential and reach their career goals.”


Armando Ochoa Job Coach
Armando Ochoa, Job Coach

“Armando is a business generalist with several years of experience in technology, finance, and CPG in product management, business development, and operations. He believes that a fine-tuned resume, properly honed S.O.A.R. answers, and a little extra outreach can make a seven figure difference in lifetime earnings. As such, he’s stoked about JobStep’s mission and the opportunity to coach clients to success!” 

Joy Soudant, JobStep Coach
Joy Soudant, Job Coach

“The job search process is broken!  I want to use the years of time I have spent reviewing resumes, coaching candidates and helping hiring managers on the recruiting process at large companies and help jobseekers navigate the confusing waters of the job search. Job Step is the start of a revolution and there are so many people out there who can benefit from our approach.”

Kristin Catrone-Binder
Kristin Catrone-Binder,
Program Manager

“I understand both the highs and lows that the job search can bring. My goal is to give our job seekers the most positive experience possible by supporting them every step of the way.”


Lauren Wyman JobStep Job Coach
Lauren Wyman, Job Coach

“Why I joined JobStep? Working at my day job in VC, I know that the most important part of any company is the team – and I’m excited to help connect job seekers to awesome roles!”