About Us

Our team hates how hard it is to get a job. Recruiting is slow, it reduces people to words on a page, and it rewards connections over skills. We launched JobStep to give jobseekers the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the future of work, and ultimately pave the way for fairer and more human hiring practices.

Meet Our Team

Eleanor Meegoda,

“I believe that every single individual has the potential to do great things. I started JobStep to eliminate the unfair barriers that keep amazing individuals from landing careers where they will thrive and can realize their career potential.”


Emily Hone,
Customer Success

“I joined JobStep because I was a former customer of JobStep and had an amazing experience with them. That experience inspired me to help others in their job search. I have worked in tech for the last eight years with a focus in client and customer support and success, as well as sales.”

Oyindamola Shoola,
Customer Success

“During my over five years of experience in academic and career coaching, what has been most fulfilling is seeing individuals set goals and achieve them. I joined JobStep because it brings a uniquely refreshing approach to career entry and transitioning with effortless support that many job seekers could benefit from.”

Robelyn Florague, Program Assistant
Robelyn Florague,
Senior Program Assistant

“Jobstep gives opportunity to grow while aiming for the same goal. Every week, I learn something new about the job search and it’s exciting to help job seekers with that information!”

Rio Rochelle Florague,
Program Assistant

“JobStep is a unique company — a company where you can continuously learn and grow while aiming to achieve its goal. Its a delight to work with hardworking professionals who value and acknowledge diverse opinions.”

Stephanie Anne Lim, Program Assistant
Stephanie Anne Lim,
Program Assistant

“It is a whole new world out there when it comes to finding a suitable job. JobStep is a constant companion every step of the way. It is fulfilling to be part of a team of hardworking people who love to share this experience with others!”


Conrad Cacciola,
Marketing Intern

“I joined JobStep as their Marketing Intern not only to gain real world experience, but because I believe in JobStep’s mission. I believe in the massive effect a job can have on a family and the importance of making sure there is food on the table every night. A job should not be as challenging to apply for as it was to obtain the skills needed for that position. JobStep allows job seekers to fulfill the job that they deserve without the unneeded stress.”