Data Analyst Career Paths: Future Industries & Roles

Data analytics is an expanding field with immense demand across various industries. Every business needs some form of information analysis, and roles are available for job-seekers at all levels. Are you a problem solver who’s good with numbers, Excel, and SQL? You might be a perfect candidate for the data analyst career path.

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Data Analyst Salary in Top Markets

A data analyst salary is typically high, with strong job growth across a wide variety of markets and industries. But it can be tricky to zero in on exactly how much you’ll make in an entry-level data analyst role. We’ve done deep research to compile useful data from across the U.S. on salary ranges for data analysts.

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Data Analyst Resume Samples & Tips

I have been applying to so many roles and have not heard back! I have no idea what is wrong with my data analyst resume!

Does that sound like you? There’s a lot of advice out there on what makes a good resume; whether to make it pretty or not. However, no one has actual data on what really works.

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Required Experience to land a Data Analyst Job

At JobStep, we hear the question of “Do I need a degree to be a data analyst?” often. The short answer is: No. You do not need to have a degree to become a data analyst. In this guide, we will walk through the type of data analyst experience you will need to build your career in data analysis.

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