How JobStep Got Emily 2 offers (and a new career) in 6 Weeks

“Before JobStep, I wanted to branch into Customer Success, but I had a hard time getting interviews. One interview was for a position that I felt was too junior. I was rusty and I felt my interviews did not go as well as I had hoped. In 6 weeks, JobStep got me interviews with 33 companies and 2 offers.

Meet Emily! Prior to JobStep, Emily worked in Account Management, Operations, and Partner Management. Like so many others, she felt the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic at work. Her company reduced her hours. As a result, Emily’s salary went from being $65,000 in 2019 to around $30,000 in 2020. In addition, Emily wanted to break into Customer Success. She dreamed of being a Customer Success Manager at a large tech company. 

Unfortunately, transitioning into Customer Success was taking Emily a long time. Before working with JobStep, Emily spent 6 months applying to Customer Success jobs on her own. During that time, she sent out 100 applications and luckily got 8 interviews. However, none of those interviews became offers and keeping up with applications while also preparing for interviews was a lot to juggle!

JobStep sped up Emily’s job search and gave her time to prepare and ace interviews.

Here’s how JobStep helped Emily: 

  • First, JobStep found and applied to jobs for her. Instead of tediously filling out application after application, Emily had more time to prepare for interviews.

“It's such a relief to be able to focus on studying for these interviews and juggling my day job instead of worrying about trying to keep up with applying for more jobs.”

  • Secondly, we notified Emily whenever she got an interview or assessment and provided templates to help her communicate effectively with hiring managers.
  • Thirdly, Emily worked with one of our knowledgeable JobStep coaches to rehearse anecdotes for common interview questions. Her coach crafted a resume that showcased Emily’s experiences and demonstrated that she had the skills necessary to excel in Customer Success.
  • JobStep was highly effective at getting Emily interviews. In only 6 weeks with JobStep (compared to 6 months alone), Emily got 30 interviews. That kind of success boosted her confidence and made her feel more optimistic about her job search.

“Having more interviews at once took the pressure off a single interview having to go well and made me feel like I really had options to find the best fit for me.”

  • Finally, the JobStep team supported Emily throughout the entire process. We celebrated with her on the days she received multiple interview requests, helped her navigate tricky situations with hiring managers, and gave her tips to negotiate her offers.

“The best part of about JobStep is that they're on it. They're with you every step of the way, rooting for you, keeping you on track with interviews, and cheering you on!”

Let’s look at the data.

Emily’s success with JobStep:

  • Total Time: 6 weeks
  • Total Applications: 176
  • Total time Emily spent on applications: 4 hours
  • Total Interviews: 33 
  • Total Offers: 2

What happened before Emily worked with JobStep:

  • Total Time: 6 months
  • Total Applications: 100
  • Total Time Emily spent on applications: 50 hours
  • Total Interviews: 8
  • Total Offers: 0

Emily is now in her dream career, working as a Customer Success Manager and making 130% more than at her last job. 

JobStep uses data and automation to take the pain out of the job search and help you get a better job quickly. We’re experts in helping our customers break into fast-growing careers like Customer Success.  Our resumes are optimized to grab recruiters’ attention and our coaches provide personalized feedback that leads our job seekers to ace interviews. Behind the scenes, our robots are busy finding batches of high-fit jobs and applying for you. 

So if you’re like Emily–stuck in a job with no paths for growth or looking to level up your career–sign up for an info session with a JobStep coach today!