Pay It Forward Fellowship by JobStep

Announcing JobStep's Pay It Forward Fellowship!

JobStep’s mission is to break down barriers into tech and expand access to the opportunity and wealth that those careers bring. Successful JobStep alums and supporters of our mission have helped us start a Pay it Forward Fellowship. Grateful for the mentorship, support, and help they’ve received in their career, they’re paying it forward BY COVERING HALF THE COST OF THE JOBSTEP GUARANTEED INTERVIEWS PROGRAM for 8 individuals. 

Check out our official announcement here:

We’re looking for individuals who know that they could take on more responsibility, more creative, more challenging (and better paying) work, if someone gave them a chance.

What will you win?

8 individuals will win 50% OFF the JobStep Guaranteed Interview Program. Sign up at the link below, and you’ll be one step closer to the job of your dreams. Winners will be selected between April 14 and April 30.


Winners Receive:

  •  1-hour of interview coaching with your own personal  job coach
  •  a professional resume & cover letter
  •  we find and apply to jobs for you
  •  5 interviews in 6 weeks, guaranteed
Terms & Conditions
  • There are a total of 8 spots to get 50% off the JobStep Program. 
  • Interested applicants can apply here:
  • Must be unemployed or not working more than 20 hours per week or making less than $40K/year. Former stay-at-home parents who are returning to work, folks who have been laid off, recent grads, essential workers, and veterans are especially encouraged to apply!
  • Must be looking for roles in the US and have US work authorization.
  • Early applicants get priority.
  • Must be interested in Customer Support roles paying $40K-$65K, Customer Success roles paying $50K – $80K, Data Analyst roles paying $50K- $90K, Sales ($40K – $80K On-Target Earnings), or Entry-Level Software Engineer/Support Engineer ($50K – $90K). 
  • Must have some of the prerequisite skills for these roles to be determined via 20-minute interview & follow-up application questions. 
  • Process: Must provide the SOAR story and additional application questions. Weekly finalists will be called in for a 20-minute interview. 

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