The Problem with Networking and Fair Hiring Practices

The biggest source of unfair hiring is that the majority of job seekers will have to apply to 100+ jobs to get one offer. As a result, it will take them 4-10 months to get a new job.

For the millions laid off from COVID, that is too long.

Right now, the fastest way to consistently shorten the job search is by networking. For example, a study by Linkedin showed that you are 9X more likely to get a job when you already know someone at the company.

You are 9X more likely to get a job when you already know someone at the company.

Without a network, you have to apply to dozens and sometimes hundreds of jobs online–or pray that a recruiter finds your online profile and likes you–in order to have an equal shot at getting a job.

For certain jobs, rewarding people for networking makes sense. Being a good networker can be helpful for many professions.

But most of the time, this networking boost unfairly disadvantages everyone who hasn’t had the time, privilege, or networking skills to make a large list of professional connections that they can reach out to. It’s especially hard for people who are the first among their family and friends to break into a new industry – like tech.

You can be great at your job even if you have a small network. 

You can be a great customer support representative, operations associate, customer success manager, developer, or analyst, or thrive in millions of other jobs even if you’re not good at networking.

We built JobStep to even the playing field.

We enable you to succeed in the job search even if you don’t have a network.

We do all of the repetitive online job search work to figure out which jobs you’re a great fit for and automatically apply to as many jobs as it takes to get you interviews.

As a result, we free up the 60-150 hours you’d normally spend on applications and we get you interviews months faster than you can on your own.

By applying effectively and quickly, we guarantee you get at least 5 interviews in 6 weeks–and you actually have the time to prepare for them.

The first step to fairer hiring is to equalize the work involved to get a better job. 

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