What Employers Really Care About — JobStep | PerScholas Career Lab Recap

Perscholas Career Lab Recap

On Thursday, April 29th, I was lucky enough to be invited to chat with 25 PerScholas grads about how to accelerate their job search. We focused on understanding what employers really care about and how you can reverse engineer the employer process to get and ace interviews. 

Per Scholas is an incredible and free bootcamp focused on preparing aspiring professional for technical careers. They have programs in AWS, DevOps, IT, Cybersecurity, and software engineering. Learn more about Per Scholas here. 

Key Takeaways

Employers care about 4 things when they’re evaluating a candidate

  1. Skill: How quickly you can get up to speed
  2. Level: What level of work they can trust you with
  3. Quality: The quality with which you approach your work
  4. Team: Whether they’ll like working with you
When you’re applying, recognize that it’s not just your certifications or pedigree that matter. What’s more important are showing stories and accomplishments that prove that those 4 categories of information above.

Read the full presentation below